Child First calls the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Aubrey and stand in solidarity in condemning the murder of these three Black people and the countless men and women who have been victimized by police brutality, informal militia, and structural racism for centuries. Child First was founded in response to community organizing and a city-wide call for safe, productive learning environments for children in the out of school time (OST) hours.  In the last ten days we have witnessed multi-racial groups of people all over this land calling for systemic change to address the long history of racial inequity and demanding justice and equality.  

We are angered and our hearts are heavy.  We are resolved to do our part as individuals and as an organization to educate ourselves, to implement our mission with a commitment to racial equity, and to work in partnership with like-minded organizations.  Now more than ever before, we are committed to our continuing mission to develop youth and strengthen families by providing high quality community schools, afterschool and summer learning programs.  Because it is only through the organized efforts of whole people and communities, in our full humanity, can we leverage our power and instigate lasting change.  

Below are some local and national organizations that you can visit for information and become more involved:

Reading and activities for our white allies:

In Solidarity,

Danista E. Hunte, Executive Director, and the Child First Team