We know that great things can happen for children, families, and communities if we have the power to make them happen. That’s why our team of organizers invest their time identifying and developing talented leaders and building power to develop those leaders. Our organizers apply the teachings of the Industrial Areas Foundation- the oldest and largest organizing network in the United States- to build powerful teams of parents, school staff, and community leaders in our partner schools, and work with those teams to act on the big and small issues they see facing their schools, their children, and their communities.

Impact of Organizing 

  • 104 leaders developed to act in their communities at City Hall and Annapolis.
  • Core teams worked at six partner schools to address issues in their communities.
  • Over 700 parent, teacher, community, and student leaders engage in actions to address issues in their schools and communities.
  • Passage of Maryland House Bill 860 with BUILD and our allies in the Baltimore Education Coalition, that will leverage up to $1.1 billion to rebuild schools in Baltimore.
  • Stopped an $800,000 cut to city funding for after school and community schools, and an additional $300,000 in funding for other organizations that support these initiatives.
  • Groundbreaking on new supermarket in Howard Park, after years of work by Child First, BUILD, Calvin Rodwell Elementary, and Howard Park community leaders.