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Child First’s theme explains the variety and quality of enrichment activities for students. Following a healthful afternoon snack, students spend time on homework and then academics . Instrumental music, dance, chess, drama, photography, gardening, cooking, choir, etiquette, boys and girls clubs, aerobics, basketball, SPARK, service learning and peer mediation are among the activities provided by staff and other professionals. Field trips to colleges and work places introduce students to college and career opportunities.Check out our programming activities!
Beyond Cookies And Milk (BCAM) is a part of the CFA initiative to promote healthy eating choices. BCAM provides youth with a healthy snack and dinner during transitioning time from their academic and cultural workshops. BCAM is comprised of four youth development components 1) Student Leadership in which students plan the activities, take attendance, and distribute snacks; 2) an inviting Environment which may include music, students art work and table settings, and pleasant conversation; 3) Student Learning including homework or special topics such as nutrition and etiquette; and 4) Rituals and Affirmation which may include recitation of the school or after school motto, or student sharing.182186_368902766509253_585114753_n STEM: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING + MATH    

STEMulated Minds (Science Technology Engineering & Math) is a unique, project-based, thematic, engaging curriculum that addresses the need to increase youth literacy and math skills by STEMulated Minds . STEM establishes positive outcomes related to student learning in the the areas of content knowledge, collaborative skills, engagement and motivation, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills. STEM curriculum is aligned with Baltimore City’s Scope and Sequence, and connects closely to common core standards.

198320_368907736508756_1262382279_n  TWO FOR TWO

At Child First we strive to provide students with both a cultural and a physical activity, we call it our two for two policy: two hours of physical activity for two hours of culture each week! Our cultural activities range from art, jewelry design, culinary arts, photography, violin, guitar, and hip hop. Our cultural activities allow our students to express their creative minds. To couple with cultural activities we also offer sports, dance, step, karate, and other team building activities to allow our students to be physically active.