How After School and Community Schools Help Students and Families

After School programming helps students succeed academically: Although Child First cannot take full credit for the academic outcomes for students at its partner schools, after school instruction and programming are key components to academic success.   Four Child First schools (Hilton Elementary, Liberty Elementary, Calvin Rodwell Elementary, and Furman L. Templeton Elementary) ranked in the top 15 schools that demonstrated student growth on the PARCC exam from 2015 to 2016.  In addition, Hilton and Liberty ranked in the top 10 schools for overall pass rate on the PARCC.

Furman L. Templeton Elementary Gardening Project

Community schools improve attendance: Community schools are charged with targeting services to meet the needs of families whose children have poor attendance.

  • The average school attendance is 92.7% at the seven Child First community schools this year.
  • Overall average daily attendance in after school programming is 96% this school year.
  • Research shows that chronically absent Pre-K and Kindergarten students have a higher probability of dropping out of school and engaging in risky behaviors later. In addition. many older elementary students do not attend afterschool programming because their pre-school siblings are too young to attend programming.  Child First participated in a Family League sponsored Pre-K Pilot Program for 20 students to address this attendance challenge.  The current school attendance rate for the 14 participating Pre-K students is 96.5 % and that of their siblings is 95.6%.

Community Schools leverage resources: Child First community school coordinators leveraged over $1.39 million in financial and in-kind resources for their schools last school year.  Examples of this support include:

  • $22,000 in free athletic schools for every child at Dr. Bernard Harris;
  • $50,000 in training to improve school climate and give staff the tools to diffuse volatile situations at John Eager Howard;
  • $76,000 for a school counselor from the University of MD at John Eager Howard;
  • $14,500 in computers at Robert W. Coleman; and
  • $10,000 for fitness center equipment at City Springs.

Community schools meet families’ basic human needs: Child First community school coordinators organize and facilitate four food pantries.  The other three school sites partner with existing programs that provide food assistance.  During the period from September- December 2016, over 165,311 pounds of food has been distributed to families, and 63 families received emergency food assistance.  Other forms of support include uniform distribution, assistance with eviction and utility turn-off notices, and housing assistance.



City Springs Elementary at Reginald F. Lewis Museum

Parents are engaged at community schools: Parents are expected to volunteer and become engaged in the life of the school and community. Parents and other caring adults have invested over 11,000 hours to date this school year by assisting in the classroom during and after school, chaperoning field trips, attending parent workshops, serving meals, performing administrative tasks, and participating in advocacy efforts on behalf of their schools.

Hilton Elementary School at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After School Cultural Enrichment Cost Comparisons

Child First provides cultural enrichment, sports, recreation, and arts instruction at no cost to families. Parents would be limited in the opportunities that they could afford their children if cost were an issue.

Child First Authority vs Private Lessons

  • Karate:  $5 per lesson vs $20 per lesson
  • Music: $7.60 per lesson vs $25 vs. $40 per lesson
  • Private Academic Tutoring: $15 per tutoring session vs $25 to $75 per tutoring session
  • Yoga: $3.75 per class vs $11.00 per class
  • Dance: $5.00 per hour vs $25 to $50 per hour
  • Sports: $7.60 per hour vs $20 per hour
Calvin Rodwell Elementary School at the Baltimore Aquarium



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