We learned in early April that the Mayor’s preliminary budget reduces funding to community schools and after school by 25% for the upcoming fiscal year.  What does that mean in real numbers:

  • 3,400 families will lose the supports and services they get at their community school;
  • 1,067 students will lose their after school programming;
  • 6 schools will lose their full-time community school coordinator and all the wrap around services;
  • 6 additional community schools that were in planning this year will not be able to move to implementation in the fall and become a community school;
  • Child First community school coordinators brought in over $1.39 million in resources to their schools last school year. That’s money and donations from local businesses, corporations, universities, churches, mosques, synagogues will be lost.
  • It means cutting mental health services, food pantries and weekend food backpacks, grief support, fatherhood classes, workforce development programs, and adult education classes
  • The reality of cutting after school programs will mean that students don’t get the extra time to increase their skills or to gain additional supports in areas in which they might be falling behind.

On June 7th at 5 pm, at the War Memorial Plaza, there will be a City Council Education Committee Hearing on the City Budget.  We want to stand for our youth by packing the Plaza with adults and students.  We will have children and youth testifying about the need to support after school and community school programs.

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